Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cal Henry's Song of the Moment - #2

I was introduced to this song on the way to Busch Gardens and I had my friend play it over and over until we got there!
The song is by a British band called The Zutons and they are awesome! This song is so catchy. It’s got great vocals and a funky sound - the chorus is sweet! 
I know I’ve used exclamation points to end every sentence but that’s how excited I am about this song! This is tied for my favorite song of the year, even though it didn’t come out in 2010.
This song’s about a girl who did some pretty bad things but he misses her ginger hair and the way she likes to dress... he can’t get over this chick! 
So without further explanation, I give you, Valerie by The Zutons.

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